what we do

Welcome to Spreading Lovely!  We are a Northern California wedding planning & design company, based out of Oakland. Our bags and passports are always ready, so don't be shy about reaching out about our destination services! 

First, congratulations on your engagement! This an immensely exciting time in your lives to celebrate, and it is our goal to make planning your wedding feel more accessible, less stressful and more fun, and authentic to you as a couple.  With the overwhelm of information and inspiration you can find, it can often feel daunting for many of our clients to begin planning, or to know which direction to take their day.  We have years of experience planning, designing, producing and coordinating weddings, and will provide a voice of reason to guide and streamline your planning, and execute your event to perfection. 

No two couples are alike, so no two weddings should be alike.  We will bring a fresh perspective to your day, and excel in creating a design that is uniquely yours.  We believe a captivating design starts with each couple, and is much more than just adding pretty details.  We thoughtfully consider the purpose of each element and how it relates to the overall story of your day to create not only a beautiful wedding, but a wedding deeply rooted in meaning and emotion to each couple.  

Philanthropy is an important part of who we are and with every booking we donate a portion of the service investment to the charity of your choice.  We believe in not only making a difference in our clients' lives, but also in countless other lives we may otherwise never have the opportunity to reach.  We are continually impressed with the amazing organizations our clients have us donate to on their behalf.  

We believe in boundless love, we believe in a marriage after the wedding, and we believe you should be fully present and live in the moment on your wedding day! 


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why we do it 

Hi, I'm Morgan! While I love details, marriage equality, elephants and ice cream - my biggest passion in life is helping.  Over the years, I've recognized and come to appreciate my qualities of compassion and empathy, which help me serve and understand my clients individually and in the best way I possibly can.  I love to make your life easier during this (crazy) wonderful time of wedding planning because I truly care about you, your partner, your families, and making your wedding day everything you hoped and more. I love being a part of life's major milestones and helping you navigate the ins and outs of planning that you may not be familiar with, or that you may find overwhelming.  I do not take it lightly that you are trusting me with one of the most memorable and important days of your life and I thrive off knowing my clients are able to enjoy the lead up to their wedding day with me by their side.

I not only enjoy working with my clients to create, develop, plan and execute amazing events, I also immensely appreciate giving back. With every booking, I donate 5% to the charity of my client's choice, in their name.  I believe positive impact and change starts with individuals, and hope when you look back on your wedding, you will not only remember the love that surrounded you, but also know you spread love by impacting others around the world for the better, just because you got married!  Events are joyous occasions filled with love, expressed with love and whole lotta love gets put into them, so what a perfect time to be spreading lovely. 

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