frequently asked questions

Q: What is your approach to wedding planning?

A:  Your wedding day is about what is important to you, not me.  I am here to guide you in all the right directions based on what is important to you, make sure we manage expectations on budget, ensure we are on track to book your vendors with enough time, and plan the details in a timely manner in order to eliminate as much stress as possible.  I'm in this industry because I believe in love with all my heart and want to make your day as stress-free, beautiful, reflective of you and your partner, and as insanely fun as possible. 

Q: Do you travel for weddings or do destination weddings?

A: Yes, we love to travel!  We will never charge you more than the actual cost of our travel and accommodations to get to your wedding.  We love to work at new venues and in new areas, and will always be upfront about any costs associated with destination weddings from the start so you are never surprised.

Q: Will you make us work with specific vendors?

A: Absolutely not.  I will always let you have the final say on your vendors, however I will offer my guidance and support to select vendors who have great reputations and will provide you an outstanding client experience.  If I see any red flags with vendors you're considering, I will absolutely let you know and won't let you sign a contract without taking a look at it first. 

Q: Our venue has a coordinator, do we really need you too? 

A: I'm slightly biased, but the shorthand is, yes.  A venue coordinator is great at dealing with venue issues, however, I will be the liaison between you and all of your other vendors and we'll get to know each other really well throughout planning, so I will know the details of your design, shuttle timing, how to bustle your dress, ensure your bridesmaids know when hair and makeup starts, create your wedding day timeline and so, so much more.  Let's chat and I'd be more than happy to go into more detail about all of the items my services entail.

Q: Will you help us with our design for the wedding?

A: Yes! Wedding design is one of my favorite services.  We'll chat all about your vision for the day, send you a questionnaire to get to know your design preferences a bit better, and from there we'll develop a comprehensive and hefty design deck of your wedding day. Once we get the design ideas perfect for your day, I'll begin executing by sourcing rentals and other furniture and decor items through high quality vendors, assist with making or sourcing custom pieces, provide guidance on invitation and paper goods, tabletop, ceremony decor, etc. etc. I love all wedding details and will leave no stone unturned to bring your day together! 

Q: I live out of state, can you attend vendor meetings for us?

A: Yes, I certainly can.  I have worked with couples that have lived from North Carolina to New York to Illinois and LA, and ensure all the bases are covered when you cannot be here in person.  Let me know if this is something you are looking for, and I'm more than happy to add that to your custom proposal!

Q: Do you work on weddings full time? 

A: Yes, and I love it! Your wedding will get all of the attention and time it deserves.  I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to do what I love each and every day.  

Q: We don't know what wedding insurance is, how much alcohol to purchase, when we need to book our vendors, and our catering cost seems really expensive but we don't know how much it's supposed to cost, how many invitations do we order... Do you help us with all of that? 

A: Yes! I am here for you to answer any and all wedding related questions.  When we have our consultation meeting, we'll discuss how much involvement from me you are looking for.  No matter which service you book with me, I am always available to assist with these logistical details. 

Q: How far in advance should we book our planner?

A: Right now is a great time to book your planner.  Maybe you haven't started planning yet, are in the early stages, or just realized you are knee deep and don't have time to handle the load of email logistics with your vendors, I'm ready to come on board no matter where you are in the planning process!  

Q: How many weddings do you book? 

A: Because I devote a large amount of time to each of my clients, I generally cap my total weddings each year at no more than 15. 

Q: What is your favorite ice cream? 

A: I'm so glad you asked, Mint Chip! 

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