caroline + brandon

danielle lillian photography

danielle lillian photography

Without a doubt, hiring Morgan to help plan our wedding was the best decision we made in the thousands of decisions one is forced to make in wedding planning.

After interviewing a ton of other planners and partial planners that all seemed to blur together, talking to Morgan was like talking to a friend. She has a calm demeanor, but you can see she has a passion for what she does and excitement she brings to all of her clients. That passion was evident throughout the entire process and her calmness was such an asset when any issue or stress-point would come up.

The entire process was a joy, which I know is not the case in wedding planning so often. Morgan was able to create a design brief from our all-over-the-board style to a cohesive look and feel for the wedding that was even more beautiful than I could have imagined, but still felt so us. She helped us find rentals for what we could rent and pointed us in the direction for the cheapest options to buy other items which was so helpful.

The end result was not only stunning, but more importantly stress-free for us and our parents which was the most important thing we wanted out of a planner. Numerous guests, after-the-fact, commented how all of us just looked so happy and stress-free. Guests pick up on that, and they were totally right - we were able to completely enjoy ever minute of the wedding weekend.

Both my husband and I cannot say enough good things about Morgan. Hire her today - you will not regret it!


You can stop all the endless Yelp/Instagram/WeddingWire stalking now and HIRE MORGAN! It will be the best decision you make in your entire wedding planning process. As someone who has planned events professionally for the past 10 years, I can say with some authority that Morgan is the best in the business. Not only was she on top of all the logistics, but she truly cared about us and our event. 

As soon as we hired Morgan she immediately she set us up with tools and resources to make planning feel less like a black hole of decision making, and more like something we could actually tackle task by task. While we had technically hired her for "Month Of" these tools and resources were immediately making our lives so much easier, nearly a year out. 

Throughout the entire process, Morgan was unflappable. No matter what changes or issues we had with our own decisions or other vendors, she was calm and ready to help. When an unexpected work project completely consumed my life, a quick call to Morgan meant that she would take on way beyond her "Month Of" coordination and I could breathe easy. Not only is she on top of the production and logistics, she's got impeccable taste. If you're overwhelmed by choices and options and your own opinions, you can lean on Morgan and she will always lead you in the right direction. 

The month of our wedding, she was in constant communication with us, and we were never left wondering if a detail had been caught or a vendor had been communicated to. She took on EVERYTHING. I honestly can't imagine that month lead up without her support and guidance. 

The weekend of the wedding, Morgan was a dream. She has exactly the kind of energy you want on your wedding day. She was incredibly organized, totally on top of EVERY detail, but also so joyful and energetic and genuinely excited for us. 

I can't recommend Morgan enough!

Jo Beth + Joe

We hate to dip into hyperbole, but with Morgan it's very difficult not to. The true bottom line is this: if you want your wedding to unfold just the way you had always imagined it, along with a continually cool and level headed planner at the helm, you can do no better than Morgan...anywhere.

She was an absolute sweetheart throughout the entire process, not only lending her expertise and knowledge about the wedding landscape in the Bay Area, but always assuaging any nervousness and fears along the way. With any wedding there are bound to be twists and turns that you don't foresee coming, but with ours, Morgan not only anticipated those but was able to quickly swerve around, over, or through them. She was/is amazing.

Not only did she design a beautiful ceremony and reception but, once all the planning was finished up and it was the day of, she was there orchestrating everything from morning mimosas to relatives walking down the aisle. A true consummate pro. Additionally, our wedding had no curfew and there was Morgan, late night staying way past when she needed to just to make sure that everything went off perfectly and with no snags. Our day was perfect and that had so very much to do with her.

Get on board with this girl now. You, and your special day, will be thanking her for months after. She's the best!

caroline + ryan

kate harrison photography

kate harrison photography

I’m not sure what my now-wife and I would have done without Morgan. We hired her and Spreading Lovely, and we could not have anticipated how easy she would make the overall planning process. Morgan was our guide every step of the way, and the 10 month planning process leading up to our wedding could not have been easier and more enjoyable.

30 days out from our wedding, we were shocked at how little we had to do. We were sitting around wondering what we *could* do, but the answer truly was that we had nothing to do because Morgan had it handled.

Unfortunately, three weeks from our wedding, we woke up to the devastating news of the Napa fires, throwing our planned Calistoga wedding at SSS Ranch into jeopardy. We were certain that the venue had burned down or would be unusable. Morgan sprung into action, and worked with us to plan a complete backup wedding in San Francisco in the case the worst happened. We spoke with her on a daily basis (if not multiple times a day) and we felt shockingly calm despite losing our venue 20 days before the wedding. Amazingly, SSS Ranch was spared and the roads opened 4 days before the wedding and our original plan was on!

Speaking from experience: There is no crisis too big or too small for Morgan to handle.

Our wedding day was absolutely gorgeous and perfect. We walked into the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and reception to see that Morgan brought our vision to life in a way we never could have imagined or hoped for.

The best decision we made in our wedding planning process was the first: hiring Morgan and Spreading Lovely. We encourage you to do the same!

ariel + amr

jillian gorman photography

jillian gorman photography

I'm not really even sure where to begin, everything about having Morgan help me plan my wedding was beyond what I could have ever imagined a wedding planner could and would do. I hired Morgan to help me as a month of coordinator, helping finalize my vendors and with set up and organization of the actual wedding day of. Let me just say "WOW, this girl delivers!" 

All of my guests complimented her sweet and charming demeanor and amazing ability to organize and help host our wedding. From the first meeting over coffee I instantly felt at ease in all my wedding planning and comfortable sharing my wedding ideas with her. Throughout the process her ideas and suggestions made my dreams and ideas come to life in a way I could not have accomplished on my own. 

Since my ceremony was in a remote location and separate from the reception I needed help with set up for both locations and someone to help guide guests and make sure everyone was settled since I could not be that person. Morgan and her team did a wonderful job with setting everything up as well as making sure guests arrived on time and were all greeted and happy before the ceremony.

Morgan has an amazing ability to be one of the sweetest people you will ever meet while also being the type of person to be very professional and with a 'get it done' attitude. If I needed something she was always there to help and would put in her suggestion always at the right time. Her constant communication throughout the planning process as well as days leading up to the wedding and actual wedding day were so helpful and appreciated. 

I could go on and on about how great working with Morgan is but all in all I think she is one of the best out there and would be such a wonderful and important aspect to incorporate into your wedding if you are looking to hire a wedding planner. She honestly made my wedding a reality and truly the best day of my life!

amanda + will

diana rothery photography

diana rothery photography

Aside from saying 'I do', Morgan will be the single best decision you make should you choose to hire a wedding planner. Morgan is one of those people who gets along with everyone. I immediately knew I wanted to work with her after our brief phone call.

I found Morgan after browsing other weddings online. Every time I found aspects of something I liked, I would search for the wedding planner in charge. Each time it led to Morgan. The great thing about working with Morgan was that she is so creative and perceptive that while each wedding was beautifully executed, they were all unique. Morgan will not impose her aesthetic on you (though it's a spectacular one), but instead she will help you create your unique wedding.

Wedding planning on certain scales is difficult and can become tedious but by hiring Morgan, it became fun (most of the time). Morgan is genuinely one of the nicest people I have met, yet she was able to use her expertise and tenacity to get us the good deals and make sure the other vendors delivered on their quality of service. Her organizational skills are enviable (this coming from someone who inherited my mother's obsessive organizational qualities). She always had the answer to everything and if she didn't, she was already tracking it down by the time you asked her.

Leading up to our wedding she was in constant contact and available at all times to alleviate any last minute concerns. She even baked in additional time on top of the buffer time she included in her schedule to ease my concerns of being punctual. She made great recommendations for vendors including makeup and bridal boutiques and eased my mom's concerns as she planned from afar in Ohio. The best compliment I can give her is that she allowed my family, especially my mom, to relax and fully enjoy the wedding after all of her hard work, which meant so much to me.

I cannot recommend Morgan Miller and Spreading Lovely enough and at the risk of writing the longest review, I will briefly say that she was an absolute joy to work with! Thank you, Morgan. You rock!

caitlin + mike 

If there were a trillion stars Morgan would get them. From our first phone conversation with Morgan we knew she was a great fit. She was fun, personable, and as we were explaining our vision for the big day she was able to totally elaborate and got exactly what we wanted. During the entire planning process Morgan kept us on track, provided quick feedback, responded right away, and made sure we understood we could contact her if we needed anything. She thought of all the little details we would have missed like how we were getting the the venue the morning of (Apparently taking the local bus if it weren't for Morgan reminding us we needed a plan, haha) Her experience in the industry is invaluable to her clients and she made our wedding weekend a breeze. We didn't stress at all and I know that was thanks to Morgan's helping hands. I wish we could get married again just to work with her. Thank you again Morgan for everything! You truly are one of a kind and we are so thankful to have met you and had the privilege of working with you.

brandon scott photography

brandon scott photography

Blair, bride

taralynn lawton photography

taralynn lawton photography

The best decision my husband and I made when we began planning for our wedding was hiring Morgan Miller. Self admittedly, I was a bit of a lost and confused bride when it came to planning our big day. I had a vision and a feeling for what I wanted the day to be but I had no idea how to take all my ideas and make them happen. Morgan took the time to get to know my husband and I, our story, our hopes for the day and took what felt like lofty wedding dreams and made them a reality. Not only is Morgan organized, efficient and engaging, she executes. Once I saw her begin her work on our wedding and the guidance she gave my husband and I on venue selection, photography and catering (to name a few) I knew we were in the best hands possible. I happily relinquished decision making on significant aspects of our wedding to her because I knew that not only I could trust her to execute on our vision but that her impeccable taste would pull everything together beautifully. 

Morgan coordinated our wedding weekend perfectly. She provided us with weekly updates on actions we needed to take throughout the entire planning season and was always available to answer questions we had. Her attention to detail and ability to anticipate any potential issues (either with family logistics, weather, forgotten tuxes, shoes etc.) made our wedding day and weekend go off without a hitch.  I didn't have to worry about a thing because I knew we were in her hands and she would handle any issue that may arise without missing a beat. It is because of Morgan that my husband and I got to focus solely on one-another and immerse ourselves in our celebration. 

To say I enjoyed planning our wedding with Morgan is an understatement. I adored our time talking all things wedding and appreciated her regular pep talks when I began to feel overwhelmed.  Morgan is one of the kindest and most genuine people I have ever come across. She is engaging and kind and you can't help but be drawn to her. Her energy and positivity is rejuvenating to be around and she made stressful moments of planning experience exciting and fun. I really got to enjoy the planning process because of her and I am forever grateful for that! Morgan is an amazing wedding designer and has an amazing aesthetic and eye for design, one that style impaired beings' life myself drool and fawn after. She has fresh and unique ideas on styling your wedding that truly makes your day unique to you and your fiancé, which I found invaluable. Morgan's talent for wedding design and wedding coordination will take her far and I cannot wait to see what she does next! Thank you for everything, Morgan!

jeff, groom

taralynn lawton photography

taralynn lawton photography

My (now wife) "Blair M." wrote a lovely and honest review of Morgan below, and it made me want to reiterate something abundantly clear:

You do not understand what you're looking for if you're not looking for Morgan. You will look for different people in other areas of your work, because they pale in comparison to Morgan.

You may feel that planners are all the same, that they'll just look up vendors online, make some calls and emails for you, and maybe speed up some of the busy work. You think you're busy, and maybe this will help you get all the details done. Especially with weddings, you don't want to be too distracted on the day of, so maybe having someone to help would be good.

Let me tell you, as a past critic of the "wedding industrial complex," Morgan is not here to take money and do some busy work. She's here to define a new concept of quality that you didn't realize existed. Quality is the ally of schedule and cost, not the adversary.

She made our wedding something different and better than we could have done our own. She matched our communication style, and maintained professionalism with vendors that I'm not sure I would have been able to. She negotiated rates with everything and everyone, and brought something that we thought was out of reach into reality. The day of the wedding.. don't even get me started. Morgan was incredible.

Morgan taught us what it was to work with someone who takes their job and reputation seriously, and made me take a restock of what it means to be a professional in my own career.

Hire Morgan, and discover what you're looking for.

claudia, mother of the bride

diana rothery photography

diana rothery photography

We recently worked with Morgan and her company, Spreading Lovely for our daughter's wedding in Mill Valley. There is no doubt that it was the very best decision we made two weeks following our daughter and son-in-law's engagement in the spring. Morgan was fantastic! She was very organized, creative, responsive, flexible to our needs and really, we could not have done it without her! This wedding was out of town for our family and guests, and Morgan was so knowledgable and helpful to our planning that it made what could have been a very frustrating experience, a breeze. She offered us wonderful ideas on design, and her organizational skills were exceptional. During the month before and day of the wedding, Morgan had every detail planned exceptionally well which allowed us to simply enjoy the moments. Thank you Morgan and Co. We compliment you, enjoyed our time with you, and recommend you enthusiastically!

kiira + daniel 

delbarr moradi photography

delbarr moradi photography

Can I give 10 Stars?! Where to even begin? My fiance (now husband) and I decided to get married at my parents beautiful home and we had no idea how much work a backyard wedding would be. It is not for the faint of heart! We would have been lost without Spreading Lovely coordinating our big day.

I spoke to 17, yes 17, different coordinators because I knew that having the right coordinator was important for me and my family so that we could actually relax when hosting a 100+ party at our home. When I spoke to Morgan I knew she was the perfect fit. She is incredibly organized, responsive, but always relaxed, which was exactly what we needed. She is also incredibly sweet and has great taste, so I knew I could trust her to make everything look beautiful. So, the first reason I am incredibly grateful for Morgan was that she kept me sane and happy for the 6 months leading up to my wedding. The second reason I am incredibly grateful for Morgan was that she kept me relaxed on my actual wedding day! All of my bridesmaids, my hairstylist and our makeup artist all commented on how I was the calmest bride they've ever seen and it was because I trusted Morgan with all of my heart to have everything done perfectly. I enjoyed every moment of my wedding day and that is in large part due to Spreading Lovely. Like I said before, having a wedding that isn't at a venue can be incredibly stressful and difficult, but when it goes well it is SO rewarding and personal. We really couldn't have pulled it off without Morgan! She's also the kind of person you enjoy being around and was was so fun to work with!

Additionally, the fact that she allows couples to donate a portion of her pay to a charity of their choice says a lot about her kindness and generosity.

becca + julian

milou and olin photography

milou and olin photography

Morgan is INCREDIBLE! She was hands-down the best money we spent on our wedding. We knew we wanted a coordinator and I spoke to a few before connecting with Morgan on the recommendation of a mutual friend. We instantly clicked - she was relaxed, funny and knew her stuff, and was very reasonably priced from the research I had done (getting married in the Bay Area is expensive, sigh).

From the beginning she was extremely responsive whenever we needed anything - we hired her about 6 months before our wedding, and though we hired her for "month-of coordination" she made herself available to answer any questions or help out in any way she could from the start. When I say responsive, I mean RESPONSIVE - organized, helpful replies to all my emails within the same day, usually in less than an hour. When I get stressed, I tend to shoot off random thoughts in emails and Morgan was always patient and gracious in responding to all of my questions/concerns. In the month leading up to our wedding, Morgan was very actively involved in creating our timeline, confirming details, logistics, payment information with all our vendors, etc. 
Morgan is so warm and has a very calming presence - she made us feel so relaxed during the wedding planning process and especially the weekend of our wedding - knowing someone as smart and organized as Morgan was on top of it took all the weight of planning off our shoulders and let us just enjoy the time we had with our family and friends. I have had multiple wedding party members and guests tell me how impressed they were with Morgan, just from observing her during our wedding. I can't say enough great things about her. She could run the world, and just wait until you see her super fashionista cell-phone holster for crunch time :)

We highly, highly recommend Morgan and Spreading Lovely. 110%!

kristen + tim

My wife (!!) and I decided midway through the wedding planning process that we needed help, and decided a month-of coordinator would be the best fit for us since we had already made many of the major decisions and just needed someone to keep us organized down the stretch and help on the big day. We got quotes from three different companies, and ended up meeting with Morgan first. She made our initial meeting super convenient for us and had a glass of wine with us. I noticed right off the bat that Morgan came to the meeting super prepared and organized - she had a checklist of things she wanted to discuss with us and was taking thorough notes. On top of that, she was friendly, personable, and had a really calm demeanor that I knew would come in handy when we started to freak out down the stretch. My wife (!!) and I decided over dinner after our meeting that Morgan would be a good fit and decided to move forward with her as our planner.

danielle poff photography

danielle poff photography

As soon as we broke the news to Morgan and got the ball rolling, it was clear that we made a good choice. Morgan's month-of package comes with access to a web-based wedding planning software that was incredibly intuitive and was pre-loaded with a custom wedding planning checklist that was clearly tailored for my wife & I's wedding. I can't tell you how helpful this was in keeping us on track. We referred to it a few times a week to keep ourselves on track. 

Throughout the pre-wedding phase, it really felt like we got more than just "month of" services. Morgan was there whenever we needed help or had questions, was super responsive, and really went the extra mile to make sure we were taken care of. She took the initiative to reach out to our other vendors and coordinate with them without requiring much help or oversight from us. Things just got way, way easier once she was on board.

I guess the true test was the wedding itself (9/10/16 @ the Flood Mansion in San Francisco) and I am not exaggerating when I say it went just about perfect. I really mean that. No little hiccups even to speak of. For the most part, we were on schedule the entire day, there were no surprises for my wife or I; we had very little to-do other than enjoy ourselves. The decor was setup just how we wanted it (better, even). Many of our guests said it was the best wedding they had ever been to. Morgan played a huge part in that. We could not be more grateful for her steady hand overseeing everything. I have no idea what would have happened had we not had her. 
If your on the fence, get off the fence, and hire Morgan. She is a true professional and worth every penny (and more) of what she charges (which, by the way, was extremely reasonable). By far our favorite and most valuable vendor - and all of our vendors were GREAT - but Morgan was just that good.

jess + jeff


If We could give 10 stars We would. There aren't words to express our gratitude but we will try. Of all the aspects of our wedding that went as planned and those that didn't (and turned out better!) the one that we are the most thankful for is having Morgan there to oversee it all and making this process one of love and trust. Her positive attitude and encouragement during planning when we had doubts and second thoughts about anything and everything were priceless and we couldn't have done it without her. Knowing that Morgan was there on our side/behind the scenes/overseeing/doing everything that day let all our worries fall away and truly enjoy the beauty and love of the event. Not to mention my Dad was so in awe of how sweet, calm and accommodating Morgan was with every special request and interaction with our guests be it friend or family.

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